Inspirational Books Bundle 2020

What A Great Time to inspire yourself or someone special as we traverse these difficult times! Whether for you or someone you love, words that inspire have the power to change everything. No matter one's past, "Our future is spotless. Victor Lee's "Making Sense Out of Series" offers a fresh, fun, and exciting perspectives. His titles Making Sense Out of Life'sTrials, Making Sense Out of Addiction, and Making Sense Out of Reflectionscreate new, and empowering views of what is possible.

For a limited time for ONLY $24.99 you get the entire bundle,  all three books shipped FREE to the US Only.

About the Author

Victor Lee is the Founder of Getting Beyond Barriers 2010. He is a Human Services professional where he works as a Substance Abuse Therapist in Scottsdale, AZ. As a dynamic speaker and author, his message is authentic and offers fresh, fascinating, and fun perspectives on difficult topics. He shamelessly uses his personal life experiences as platforms for reaching others! He is an advocate for change, overcoming obstacles, and breaking through the barriers which only appear to have us stopped! To contact him:  

(888) 280-0581